Meet the Founder

Founder: Christy Innouvong-Thornton

Christy is a Lao Isan American daughter of refugees. She is the Founder of Tuk Tuk Box and co-founder of Courageous Kitchen, a 501c3 charity for internationally displaced persons, including survivors of forced migration and trauma. As Deputy Director of a 501c3, she has nearly a decade of progressive fieldwork experience with proven leadership to support team culture and business operations through global equity and inclusion initiatives and UN Sustainable Development Goals. Her expertise in international aid and community programming include: health advocacy, organizational leadership, mentoring, workshop facilitation, and English language education. She has experience in recruiting and managing teams through trauma-informed care for survivors of humanitarian disasters. ​​

Before pursuing her entrepreneurial career, Christy studied Hospitality Management at Brooklyn College. In 2017, she launched a social enterprise teaching Thai cooking courses for tourists and began developing a Southeast Asian cookbook. Her work and recipes have been featured by Bangkok 101 Magazine, Travel + Leisure Asia, San Diego Union Tribune, and Buzzfeed.