Spread Asian Joy + Mental Health Resources

::Trigger Warning::

Did you know it’s National Minority Mental Health Awareness month? And while we think the term ‘minority’ is outdated, irrelevant, and frankly just not true — we are going to take a moment to acknowledge the very real effects and stigmas surrounding mental health in our Asian American and Southeast Asian American communities.

In a post from Nami.org, “Asians come from traditional collectivist societies that value interdependence over independence. Consequently, the need to preserve and perpetuate collective honor (family, ethnicity, society, etc.) is held in the highest esteem.” Says Sam Louie MA, a Licensed Mental Health professional.

Our cultural preservation, often referred to as ’saving face’ or not bringing shame onto one’s family (remember Mulan anyone?) is so deeply instilled that it can greatly damage our sense of self and our ability to cope with societal pressures. As Asians, and let’s face it, Asian women, we are told to look, act, and speak (or not speak) a certain way from the moment we’re born. To stay in our place.

Well, Tuk Tuk Box is saying a BIG F U TO ALLA DAT! We are celebrating YOU and spreading OUR collective joy! We are remembering to honor ourselves and standing up even when it’s scary. Our SAJ campaign is just a small drop in the deeper waters, however we know that we all have something valuable to contribute. We’re standing with you to use JOY as our means of resistance.

If you or anyone you know needs a helping hand, please use the resources below.

We see you and we love you,

Christy & Bea


Mental Health Resources
National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK