The Hot S.O.S Box

 Ring the alarm and send out an S.O.S signal because we're bringing the fire and heat straight to your kitchen!

While S.O.S is commonly known as a distress symbol, our S.O.S is more of a play on words for "sauce." Don't be fooled, however, some of these sauces are so spicy your taste buds will need some assistance 😉 We're excited to introduce the Hot S.O.S Box, the first collection of Southeast Asian hot sauces that you can get delivered straight to your door!

Spicing up your food via chilies is pretty ubiquitous across Southeast Asian cultures. Interested in learning more about the different varieties of chilies and why they are so popular and widespread among Asian cuisine? We highly recommend you check out this article from the Kontinentalist.

As you can imagine, there are A LOT of different hot sauces, recipes, and variations that exist. Chilis are eaten in a variety of ways - Whether they are pounded, blended, stewed, or even eaten fresh, we're here to share them all with you! We hope to celebrate and uplift as many Southeast Asian makers as possible over time through multiple sets.

The Phet Phet Pack

To start, we are overjoyed to introduce ...the Phet Phet Pack! This box is a collaboration with our friend Mark Wiens of Migrationology. 5 small batch Southeast Asian hot sauces, a Mark Wiens branded chili cap, custom chili enamel pins, exclusive art, and more! Learn more and order here.

The Saklolo Set

Our newest release of the Hot S.O.S Box series, the Saklolo Set features 3 small batch Southeast Asian hot sauces. It's all the sauce, with none of the fluff. Learn more about the sauces and order here!